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We think it’s complete rubbish how much waste goes to landfill in Australia. Recyclable and compostable materials are sent to landfill every day, never able to be recovered – this is unsustainable.

The BIN SHIFT landfill bin is red and should only be filled with items that cannot be recycled or composted. In fact, the landfill bin should be your last resort for waste disposal when with BIN SHIFT, there are 5 better choices for more sustainable waste disposal.

Will your household, school and workplace take on the ‘less to landfill’ challenge. Once you start, you’ll be amazed at how easy it.

Bin liner – Yes or No? YES. Read more in our FAQS.


We all know the yellow bin is for recycling, right?

The BIN SHIFT mixed recycle yellow bin wants to be filled with items that…you guessed it, can be recycled. Metals, glass, hard plastics and paper & cardboard are valuable resources that need to stay in the recycling loop to create a circular economy. Did you know, metals and glass can be recycled infinitely…we love this fact!

A great way to support the recycling industry is to empty and rinse your recyclable containers before placing them in the yellow bin.

The BIN SHIFT mixed recycle yellow bin makes it easy to separate your recyclables at the source, when the item is in your hand ready for disposal. Empty our yellow bin into your council or contracted yellow bin to make sure your great work is going to the right place.

Bin liner – Yes or No? YES and NO. Read more in our FAQS.


The BIN SHIFT dry compost bin is green and wants to be filled with items that come from nature, because they can be returned to nature to create rich compost for healthy soils and to help your garden grow.

Hang on…what is dry compost? Good question! We consider items such as paper towels, tissues, pop sticks, shredded paper and compostable food packaging as dry compostables. Food on the other hand we consider too wet (and smelly) to go into our ‘no lid’ bins. To collect food scraps for compost, you can buy a BioBag MaxAir II ventilated caddy’s and certified compostable bin liners from our shop page.

Some Australian councils will collect wet and dry compostable materials in your organics bin along with garden cuttings. If your council does not offer this service, there are many ways to create home composting systems where a good mix of wet and dry compostable materials make for the best outcome. Check with your local council.

Bin liner – Yes or No? YES. Read more in our FAQS. You can buy BioBag certified compostable bin liners from our shop page.


The BIN SHIFT paper bin is blue and wants to be filled with clean paper & cardboard that can be used to make recycled paper and cardboard products. Remember, when we recycle paper & cardboard we cut down less trees, which is without doubt a better choice for the Earth.

Some schools and workplaces pay for paper & cardboard big bin collection services. This bin was designed for these users, but if you have a home study or space that can use our paper bin, we won’t stop you from using one and the good news is that you can also empty the paper bin in your kerbside yellow lidded recycling bins.

Bin liner – Yes or No? NO – NEVER! Read more in our FAQS.


The BIN SHIFT soft plastics bin is purple and wants to be filled with the ‘scrunchy’ soft plastics that so much of our food and consumables are wrapped in…we can’t escape the soft plastic invasion, but we can do something to reduce it’s devastating impact on the environment by using a BIN SHIFT soft plastics bin.

Soft plastics can only go in your landfill bin or soft plastics bin (YES THAT’S RIGHT – NOT THE YELLOW RECYCLING BIN – BIG NO, NO!) So if we are trying to reduce waste to landfill, then use a soft plastics bin to collect all of those ‘scrunchy’ soft plastics so that they can be taken to a REDcycle bin at participating Coles and Woolworths stores to be recycled…and YES, they are being recycled. It’s mind-blowing how much soft plastic we consume. By collecting them, we see the scale of the problem and can make more sustainable consumer choices.

Check out the REDcycle (link) website to learn more.

Bin liner – Yes or No? YES. Read more in our FAQS.


The BIN SHIFT 10c deposit bin is grey and wants to be filled with all of the 10c deposit refund containers. This recycling industry also needs containers to be emptied and rinsed.

Currently, South Australia, New South Wales, Queensland, the Australian Capital Territory and Northern Territory have Container Deposit Schemes. For those lucky areas, this bin is for you. For everyone else, let your local government representatives know that this scheme is a great way to keep those valuable resources in the recycling loop.

Recycling that helps your pocket and the environment…everyone’s a winner!

Bin liner – Yes or No? YES. Read more in our FAQS.

#maketheshift and the Earth will thank you for it.