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At BIN SHIFT, we exist to help households, workplaces and schools SHIFT their waste disposal habits from unsustainable to sustainable!




We’ve done the work to make it simple!

Sustainable waste management is not hard, but it can be confusing, that’s why we’re here to help you navigate each step of your sustainability journey.

Every day we empower more individuals, groups and organisations across Australia to achieve their environmental goals.


At BIN SHIFT we love customisation, it’s part of our philosophy to promote and inspire ownership.

We offer workplaces and schools the option to customise their bins at no extra cost. There are 3 ways a bin can be customised:

1 – Add your logo
We can co-brand and add a school or corporate logo next to ours on the front and back of the bins. Just send us a high-resolution image of your logo.

2 – Choose custom waste icons for the bin front
We recommend icons for you based on our experience, however if you choose to, you can change them. Select icons from our icon library to design a bin front more relevant to your site. Choose 1, 2, 4 or 6 icons per bin front. Can’t see an icon you need in our library? Let us know and our illustrator will start drawing.

3 – Change the information on the bin back
The instructions on the back of the bins explain where to empty the contents of the bins. We can be as specific as your local council or waste collector and some of our customers will also use this space to acknowledge organisational grants that have supported the purchase of BIN SHIFT bins.


Are you looking for a well-designed, organised system to separate your household waste? Then you are in the right place!

Did you know that soft plastics cannot go in your yellow bin and need to be collected to be recycled? We have a bin for that.

Are you going to your outside bins multiple times a day to separate your waste and recycling? BIN SHIFT has designed an indoor waste separation system for you that is easy to use and understand. Best of all, the contents of your landfill will start to shrink instantly… instantly.

Visit our online shop to view our product range and start shifting your waste disposal habits today using BIN SHIFT bins.

Our 21 Litre sized bins are strong and were designed with households in mind. This size fits neatly under kitchen sinks or in laundry’s so that everyone in the house can learn which is the right bin to use.

A small shift in our waste disposal habits can have a big impact.


“Our office absolutely loved the education process associated with bringing the BIN SHIFT system into our workplace – it helped debunk so many myths around waste separation! Not only are we now managing our waste so much better at work, we are also taking these behaviours home to make a greater impact on the environment.”
Callie Rose (Director of Callie Rose Communications)

Is your workplace in need of a well-designed, organised system to separate its waste and resources and reduce your impact on the planet?

Then you are in the right place! Choose from our standard bins or customise bins to suit your organisation’s needs.

Not only do we make awesome bins, we deliver educational presentations that will answer all of your ‘rubbish’ questions and set you up for success in sustainable waste management.

At BIN SHIFT, we empower you so you can feel confident in sustainable waste management right from the start.

Contact Carole today if you would like to hear more about our BIN SHIFT workplace presentations that educate and inspire staff to choose the right bin, reduce waste and save the planet.


“BIN SHIFT is more than a well-designed system for sustainable waste management, it is an authentic, home-grown design story from concept to creation. There are myriad opportunities to explore BIN SHIFT through STEM pedagogy and the sustainability cross curriculum priority.”
Hugh Benger (Coordinator of Innovation and Inquiry / Year 5+6 teacher at Port Elliot School)

Is your school committed to teaching sustainability and creating a waste free campus? Then you are in the right place!

BIN SHIFT was originally designed for school classrooms to facilitate sustainable and educational waste management practices.

BIN SHIFT is ready to speak with you about installing our unique waste separation bins and supplying your staff, students and school community with engaging educational material and the tools to become a waste free campus.

BIN SHIFT is empowering preschools, primary schools and secondary schools to become more sustainable and students are loving learning about waste management with the BIN SHIFT Bin Genies.

Choose from our standard bins or customise bins to suit your school’s needs. We believe that the best way to cut the confusion around which bin to use is to be specific, not generic, when it comes to instructions for how to fill and empty your bins. That’s why the waste icons on our classroom bins are different to our staff room bins – they are different users with different waste and recycling items.

At BIN SHIFT, we are so passionate about waste and recycling education that Carole has written a children’s book and created activity sheets and an interactive weekly bin check program for schools to record data and use it to measure their progress and impact – that’s why our bins have internal measurement guides. It doesn’t matter how much knowledge you have, BIN SHIFT has you covered with easy to understand and use resources for teaching.

We’ve met hundreds of students passionate about caring for the environment and excited to be using BIN SHIFT bins.

We want to work with your school to share our message, bins and educational resources to embed more sustainable practices.

Contact Carole today if you would like to hear more about our BIN SHIFT school packages that educate and inspire staff and students to choose the right bin, reduce waste and save the planet.

#maketheshift and the Earth will thank you for it.