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“As caretakers of the Earth, it is our responsibility to dispose of the waste we create in a conscious and sustainable manner. That means we need to reduce valuable recyclable and compostable resources going to landfill and improve recycling to build a circular economy.”

Carole Gordon – Founder of BIN SHIFT


Carole Gordon is a South Australian mother of two on a mission to save the planet, one bin at a time.

BIN SHIFT was created when Carole’s passion for sustainability and unique professional skillset were combined.

“I believe that Australians want to do the right thing when it comes to waste disposal, but it’s confusing! That’s why we’ve done the work to make it simple.”

After the ABC’s 2017 series, War on Waste, exposed the alarming statistics of Australia’s waste problem, Carole and her family became serious about their bins. Choosing not to contribute to those statistics, her family began separating their household waste, finding a recycling stream for almost all of it.

In a short space of time, they stopped using their landfill bin.

“I’ll never forget the first day that our household landfill bin didn’t need to go out for kerbside collection.”

Now, BIN SHIFT customers are sharing that same experience and feeling great about it!

Once their household waste management was more sustainable, Carole’s attention turned to their workplaces and schools that produced excessive and unnecessary waste landfill. That’s when BIN SHIFT was born and we’ve been helping schools and workplaces manage their waste sustainably ever since.

Founded in Adelaide in 2018, BIN SHIFT designs and manufactures awesome and engaging waste separation bins and teaches you how and why to use them.

BIN SHIFT is built on 3 principles:




Every day we empower more individuals, groups and organisations across Australia to achieve their environmental goals.

#maketheshift and the Earth will thank you for it.