Dry Compost Bin 35L

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The BIN SHIFT Dry Compost bin wants to be filled with items that come from nature, because they can be returned to nature to create rich compost for healthy soils and to help your garden grow.

We consider items such as paper towels, tissues, pop sticks, shredded paper and compostable food packaging as dry compostostables. Food on the other hand, we consider too wet (and smelly) to go into our ‘No Lid’ bins. For collecting food scraps for compost, you can buy BioBag Ventilated Kitchen Caddy’s and certified compostable bin liners from our shop page.

Look at the icons on the front of the bin to know what to fill it with.

Follow the instructions on the back of the bin to know where to empty it.

The 35L size is perfect for open plan spaces to create ‘bin stations’. This size is commonly used in school classrooms and staff areas, offices and anywhere that generates a lot of waste.


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