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Want to know more about BIN SHIFT? Read our Frequently Asked Questions below.

Why should I use BIN SHIFT bins?

BIN SHIFT is a 100% local solution to our waste crisis.

Australia is one of the highest producers of waste in the world. Recyclable and Compostable materials are sent to Landfills every day, never able to be recovered. For every 1 Landfill bin, we have 5 Recycling bins to recover valuable resources to build a circular economy. With BIN SHIFT, waste separation and resource recovery is easy, stylish, made fun and is a better choice for our Earth.

All BIN SHIFT bins are designed and manufactured in Adelaide, South Australia.

100% recycled corrugated cardboard.

When your BIN SHIFT bin is ready to be replaced, simply put it in your recycling bin so it can be used to make your new bin. Achieving The Circular Economy principles to design out waste and keep materials in use does not get any simpler than that!

Corrugated cardboard is surprising strong and durable. By looking after your BIN SHIFT bin and using the right bin liners, your bins will last longer than you think but it’s our Paper bin that will last the longest – we expect 3-5 years.

No bin is going to last forever! The reality is ALL bins get dirty, smelly, break and need to be replaced. When BIN SHIFT bins need to be replaced, simply put them into your recycling bin (that makes them ZERO WASTE bins) and order your next set.

That depends on where and how they are used. Some bins need liners and some don’t. Read below for more information on specific bins.

Landfill – Yes. A plastic bin liner is best. Once the quantities in your Landfill bin start reducing, try using this liner over and over again, chances are it’s going to be pretty clean and easy to reuse.

Mixed Recycle – In a perfect world we say NO. If you are diligent at rinsing your recyclables, then simply placing some newspaper at the base of the bin will be the most environmentally friendly choice. Overtime you may get grease or water marks inside which is absolutely fine – our bins are tough enough to handle a bit of moisture.

HOWEVER, in busy places, a plastic liner will protect the cardboard because someone always forgets to empty a container of food or liquid. We recommend that this liner is reused over and over again so that your BIN SHIFT bin can be used over and over again.

Please note that when emptying your recyclables into a kerbside ‘wheelie’ recycling bin, the plastic liner is not welcome…ever! The plastic liner is a soft plastic. If it’s relatively clean, it goes in your BIN SHIFT Soft Plastics bin and then to a REDcycle bin at participating Coles or Woolworths stores. If it’s beyond dirty, it needs to go to Landfill.

Dry Compost – Yes but it is absolutely critical that it is a CERTIFIED COMPOSTABLE bin liner. We sell BioBag certified compostable bin liners. If you use any other brands of compostable bin liners, please ensure that they are certified – displaying with the seedling logo (insert) otherwise it may be a case of ‘green-washing’ (our least favourite type of washing)

Paper – Heck NO! Absolutely NO liners needed here… EVER!

Soft Plastics – Yes. A plastic bin liner is best as it makes transporting your soft plastics to a REDcycle bin at participating Coles and Woolworths stores easy peasy!

10c Deposit – Yes. Just like the Mixed Recycle bin, a plastic liner will protect the cardboard because someone always forgets to empty their container of liquids. We recommend that this liner is reused over and over again so that your BIN SHIFT bin can be used over and over again.

You do! BIN SHIFT empowers you with all of the information you need to get the job done. On the bin fronts we tell you what to fill it with and on the bin back we explain where to empty it. Don’t let someone else (i.e. a cleaner) undo your great work by emptying your BIN SHIFT bin into the wrong bin. Do it yourself and feel the satisfaction of sending your recycling to the right places and watch your Landfill shrink. Do it yourself and feel the satisfaction of sending your recycling to the right places and watch the contents of your Landfill bin shrink.

Only choose the bins that you have the infrastructure or means to empty them.

Landfill – we all need a Landfill bin, even with the best intensions, it’s unavoidable for some items.

Mixed Recycle – we all need a Mixed Recycle bin and need to optimise the use and benefits of this bin.

Dry Compost – this bin isn’t for everyone. It depends on your council’s organics collection and the composting systems you have access to as to whether or not you need one. If you need a smaller container with a lid to collect compostable materials, you can buy BioBag Ventilated Kitchen Caddy’s and Certified Compostable bin liners from our online store.

Paper – this bin isn’t for everyone. Some schools and workplaces pay for paper & cardboard big bin collection services. This bin was designed for these users, but if you have a home study or space that can use a Paper bin, we won’t stop you from using one and the good news is that you can also empty the paper bin in your Yellow Recycling council bins.

Soft Plastics – we all need a Soft Plastics bin because we all consume soft plastics… even unwillingly. Soft plastics can only go in your Landfill bin or Soft Plastics bin (YES THAT’S RIGHT – NOT THE YELLOW RECYCLING BIN – BIG NO, NO!). So if we are trying to reduce waste to Landfill, then use a Soft Plastics bin to collect all of those ‘scrunchy’ soft plastics so that they can be taken to a REDcycle bin at participating Coles and Woolworths stores to be recycled… and YES, they are being recycled. It’s mind-blowing how much soft plastic we consume. By collecting them, we see the scale of the problem and can make more sustainable consumer choices.

10c Deposit – this bin isn’t for everyone. It depends whether your State or Territory has a Container Deposit Scheme. Currently, South Australia, New South Wales, Queensland, the Australian Capital Territory and Northern Territory have Container Deposit Schemes. For those lucky areas, this bin is for you. For everyone else, let your local government representatives know that this scheme is a great way to keep those valuable resources in the recycling loop.

Read more in the OUR BINS page to help you decide which bins you need.

It depends on how many people are using the bins.

At Home – 1 bin of each type you need is perfect. Shifting from 1 or 2 bins to more can take a bit of time to get used to.

Keep an eye out for a Household Starter Pack we are developing, which will include our 21 Litre Mixed Recycle, Soft Plastics and 10c Deposit bins (assuming you already have a bin at home with a lid that is being used for Landfill and have or are purchasing a Ventilated Kitchen Caddy for food scraps and other organic materials).

At School – 1 bin station per classroom and staff room is perfect.

At Work – 1 bin station should be enough for 1-15 people. You can do the maths from here.

Note: A typical bin station has all 6 bins lined up next to each other, making an easy area to consciously separate and dispose of your waste and resources. The following exceptions may apply to you – Our Dry Compost bin can be replaced by a Ventilated Kitchen Caddy where there are lots of food scraps and our Paper bin is generally for schools and offices with Paper & Cardboard collection services.

Our 21 Litre bins are SMALL and perfect for…you guessed it, small spaces, to create an organised waste management system. Designed with households in mind, this size fits neatly under kitchen sinks or can be used to replace your office desk bin.

Our 35 Litre bins are BIG and perfect for open spaces to create a bin station. This size is commonly used in school classrooms and staff areas, offices and any where that generates a lot of waste.

YES! We love customisation, it’s part of our philosophy to promote and inspire ownership.

We offer schools and workplaces the option to customise their bins at no extra cost. If you are interested in this service, please fill out an order form and follow the instructions.

There are 3 ways a bin can be customised:

  1. Add your logo. We can co-brand and add a school or corporate logo next to ours on the fronts and backs of the bins. Just send us a high-resolution image of your logo.
  2. Choose custom waste icons for the bin fronts. We recommend icons for you based on our experience, however if you choose to, you can change them. Select icons from our icon library to design bin fronts more relevant to your site. Choose 1, 2, 4 or 6 icons per bin front. Can’t see an icon you need in our library? Let us know and our illustrator will start drawing.
  3. Change the information on the bin back. The instructions on the back of the bins explain where to empty the contents of the bins. We can be as specific as your local council or waste collector and some of our customers will also use this space to acknowledge organisational grants that have supported the purchase of BIN SHIFT bins.

In Adelaide, South Australia, BIN SHIFT bins are on display at the amazing EcoLateral Stores in Brighton and St Morris.

Right here on this website.

If you would like to place an order larger than 18 bins, please download this order form and follow the instructions. We will work out the shipping costs for orders over 18 bins and notify you.

Flat packed with easy assembly instructions included with your delivery.

YES, but for Adelaide customers only. As a South Australian business, we really don’t want to charge our amazing local customers for shipping. So, if you live in Adelaide and would like to order BIN SHIFT bins without paying for shipping, then choose to pick up your order from the amazing EcoLateral Stores in Brighton and St. Morris at the checkout.

We will be delivering orders to both Ecolateral stores every Thursday and will send an email confirmation letting you know that your goods are at your chosen Ecolateral store ready for you to collect.

While at Ecolateral, say ‘Hi’ to Jamie and her amazing team of passionate Eco Warriors. They will be able to help you with all of your living sustainably needs.

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